About me

Hi. My name is Patricia Little, and I live in Cheshire.


I am a self trained artist working for  20yrs + with painted landscapes where I added free-machine embroidery.

For the last 10yrs + I like to experiment with hot melted wax and mixed media. I hold small workshops where anyone can try using the many tools, waxes and all the different materials.

Artistic skills or experience are not required. Details of workshops coming up can be seen in the diary.


When as a child birthdays and Christmas came around, I would ask for paints, crayons and lovely drawing pads full of clean, crisp white paper. I would be happy for hours painting.


Alas school never had such a fascination, except of course for art. The final year at school excluded my favourite subject, but I ‘did a deal’ with the teacher, unheard of in those days, and dropped cookery. My family are quick to comment today, that this decision was probably their loss!


But it meant that I could then join another class and paint to my hearts content, in the store cupboard!


 I would have liked to have gone on to art school but a job in an engineering drawing office came along and I started work as a tracer, and 10 years later I joined Local Government as a Planning Technician.


I took time out when my two sons came along but my interest in crafts of all kinds continued. Well it kept me away from the housework!


I had joined a pottery evening class when I left school and enjoyed ‘potting’ for many years. I invested in a gas kiln and worked from my studio at home, selling some 'creations' by party plan and giving lots away.


It was a chance remark by a friend that started me thinking about combining painting with free-machine embroidery. Setting up my very basic electric sewing machine I embarked on a new hobby that I was to enjoy for the next 20 plus years.


The first little picture that I made was of a tree and I was, as they say ‘hooked’. 


I finally returned to the drawing board and eventually retired from the Ministry of Defence where I had worked as a cartographer.


During those years I had continued painting and had experimented with free-machine embroidery. Being self taught, there were lots of mishaps to unpick, but eventually I had mastered using my sewing machine and held several exhibitions. I also sold through a gallery in Limassol, Cyprus and a gallery in The Bull Ring, Birmingham.


Please take time to take a look at my son's work by clicking on his name, Simon Little, just up there on the left.



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